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Trance Romi_Pres_2Spaces_Feat_Viktor_Ginner-Into_The_Air-WEB-2010-WAV
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Trance Talla_2XLC_vs_Robert_Burian-Deja_Vu_(Remix)-(ATT001R)-WEB-2010-SS...
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Trance Rene_Ablaze_vs_Cyrex_feat_Stine_Grove-Continuum-(LQ131)-WEB-2010-...
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Trance Waytwoside-Dark_Fantasy-(Remixes)-(TF058)-WEB-2010-NRG
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Trance Substance_N_Trance-Insane__Untill_The_End-(TERM001)-WEB-2010-NRG
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Trance The_Originators-Dizzy_Days_Remixes-(SSRDG7)-WEB-2010-HFT
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Trance Talla_2XLC-Technoclub-SAT-14-01-2010-1KING
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Trance Wezz_Devall-Monster_Wave__Strange_Glow-WEB-2010-UKHx
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Trance Tetrazone-Elegance-(JPM008)-WEB-2010-NRG
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четвъртък, 14 януари 2010 г.

A Kiss For Jersey


Band: A Kiss For Jersey
Album: Victims
Genre : Post Hardcore

Track List:
01. Devices
02. Oh, Infamous City
03. Believe
04. The Fire
05. Parallels
06. A Tree And Its Fruit
07. Faces
08. Salus Suas Extanderealas Concedit
09. II
10. The Flood
11. The Evidence

A Different Breed Of Killer


Band : A Different Breed Of Killer
Album : I, Colossus
Genre : Deathcore

Track List :

01. Dawning
02. Liberation Of A Giant
03. The Accidentist
04. I, Colossus
05. Autonomy
06. Omega
07. To Dismantle the Architect (The Meeting)
08. The Cleansing Apparatus
09. The Glorious Fall
10. Aural Apocalypse

A Day To Remember


Band: A Day To Remember
Album: And Their Name Was Treason
Genre: Hardcore-Punk/ Post-Hardcore/ Screamo

Track List:

01. Intro
02. Heartless
03. Your Way With Words Is Through Silence
04. Second Glance
05. Casablanca Sucked Anyways
06. You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance
07. If Looks Could Kill
08. You Had Me At Hello
09. 1958
10. Sound The Alarm

A Day Away

Artist : A Day Away
Album : Here We Go Again
Genre : Powerpop/ Pop Punk
Myspace / Purevolume

Similar Bands : Forever the Sickest Kids, We The Kings, All Time Low, A Change of Pace, My favorite highway

Track List :
01. Here We Go Again
02. Better Off This Way
03. Call Me Crazy
04. Sorry For The Let Down
05. Her And Me
06. Tell Me, Tell Me
07. Push Her Back
08. Black N Blues
09. Kiss And Tell
10. Dressed To Thrill
11. Feel The Rush

A Chinese Restaurant


Artist/ Band: A Chinese Restaurant
Album : My Dearest I Cannot Speak
Genre : Post Hardcore/ EmoCore

Sound Like : Across Five Aprils, Ephen Rian, Crash My Deville, Days in Grief, Eyes Set to Kill, A Bitter Farewell, Drop Dead, Gorgeous…

Track List :
01 They Announced Confinement
02 Bandage For My Bleeding
03 Sorries (The City Sleeps Nightly)
04 All Eyes On
05 My Dearest I Cannot Speak
06 Falling From The Top
07 Broken Hearts And Picture Frames
08 Player Two Wins The Game